What’s new? - MemoCoach

What’s new? - MemoCoach

Hi everyone! 🤩

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— Kevin, for the team at Cosmic Taps.

Version 2024.5 (coming soon)

Hi everyone!

  • PDF Importing: We are finally releasing a HUGE improvement to the PDF importing feature. You can now select which pages you want to import, and we will run several versions of our text extractor in order to maximize the chances that the import works well. If you ever had an issue where the text was empty after importing a PDF, this should never happen again. Try the tool and let us know what you think, we will continue improving it based on your feedback. We can for instance automatically remove page numbers, etc. Just let us know what you need, especially if you are working with scripts (movies and comedians).
  • Fixed: when you import a file into a folder, it was added to the root library and not the folder. This is now fixed.
  • Improved: We have renamed the button “Remove from folder” to “Move out of folder (back to library)” to make it clearer that this doesn’t delete your text, it just moves it back to the library.

We are working on an incredible list of improvements and new features for 2024, and having a proper PDF importing feature was one of the important things to implement before we could move forward, so we are pretty excited about this release!

Version 2024.3

🐛 Bug fix (potential crash at launch)

  • This update fixes a crash that could have happened in the future on devices on iOS 17.4 or above.

Thanks a lot to all the users who emailed us!

Version 2023.7

  • Fixed: when using the actor's tool, the lines that you want to ignore were appearing really weirdly after scrolling.
  • Fixed: when using the actor's tool, the lines that you had to learn were not completely hidden.
  • Fixed: the spacing between lines could sometimes be different when long-pressing to reveal the entire text.
  • Known bug: there are still some little issues with that tool, for instance if you reveal the entire text by long-pressing, not all lines will have the correct formatting. The fixes for that are ready, because we have a giant performance update coming in the next version that also fixes that. This will open the door for us to implement very interesting new learning methods. If you have any requests before we release it, please let us know via the app or on reddit.com/r/MemoCoach. Thank you for your patience while we keep making the app better over time!

(PS: I can barely contain my excitement at the new features we are cooking for you! We finally have a little team and therefore capacity to work on all of them. We are aiming at making the app the perfect companion for actors, comedians, singers, public speakers. —Kevin, for the team at Cosmic Taps)

Version 2023.6

  • We added support for keyboard shortcuts for people with external keyboards. Arrow up and down to scroll while learning, arrow left and right to adjust difficulty, and space bar to start/stop autoscroll.
  • We added a link to our new Reddit community for the app, join us! It's on the Settings tab, but here is the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/MemoCoach/

Here is a video showing you those new features:

Version 2023.5

  • This update adds a shortcut button that suggests a numbered prefix for your text titles, so that you can quickly organize your texts within a folder. The tool will automatically suggest you to prefix your text title with "01 - " by default, but it will detect whether you are using another format in the folder and will use it to adapt its suggestion. For instance, if you have a text called "001. My text" in your folder, the tool will suggest "002. " as a prefix for your next text title. Pretty cool!

Version 2022.4

  • Added an option to disable haptic feedback (vibrations) in the app. You’ll find the toggle in the Settings tab.

Version 2022.3

  • NEW: in Settings, you can enable a new version of the learning page (beta). It looks but same but is WAY more performant, so it will FINALLY work with very long texts (movie and theatre scripts!). I'll leave it in beta until enough people have tried it and we have squashed all the bugs, so please enable it today, it's currently disabled by default. You can disable it at any time, if you notice a bug.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when creating a new text and tapping in the text field.

Version 2021.4

  • Added a "Sync" button on the Library page, which is a shortcut to export a data backup and send it to your other device via AirDrop. Thank you Nate!

Version 2021.3

  • Just a tiny update to make sure that the status bar is always visible, even if you force Dark or Light mode. Thank you Henry!

Version 2021.1

Meet the brand new version of MemoCoach, previously called Memy! There are TONS of new changes, and there will be many more to come.

  • [NAME] Memy is now called MemoCoach and has a new gorgeous app icon.
  • [DESIGN] The app has a new design (I haven't implemented it in all the screens yet, I will improve them one by one).
  • [LEARNING] The app now has 10 memorization methods instead of 3. And I am working on many more. Send me your suggestions!
  • [FREE] Many more features are now free. Here’s the list:
    • There are no more ads in the app. Zero. Nada. I just hate ads.
    • All users can save 5 free texts, instead of 2 previously.
    • All users get access to 3 memorization methods for free instead of 1.
    • Dark Mode is now free for all.
    • All users can import and export data backups.
  • [AUTOSCROLL] Autoscroll is now MUCH smoother, before that you could see it moving pixel by pixel. You can also easily change the speed with a slider. Plus, you can decide to always hide the autoscroll buttons to get them out of the way, if you don’t use the feature!
  • [DARK MODE] I’ve implemented Dark Mode with the real Dark Mode option of the system. It will be much nicer and will change automatically. You can also force it to Always Light or Always Dark in the Settings tab.
  • [SETTINGS SCREEN] Added a tab bar and a proper Settings screen. Finally. It only took 2.5 years...
  • [CONTACT] Improved the contact form, you can now use your default email app.
  • [RELEASE NOTES] Added release notes to the app, and a badge will appear on the tab bar when something important has been improved or added to the app.
  • [SHORTCUT] Added a shortcut: you can long-press texts on the Library page to see their options, instead of taping the three buttons.
  • [FAQ] Added a big F.A.Q. to the app. Will continue to improve it and add more questions as users email me with questions.
  • [ADD TEXT] When adding a text, you are now being offered several methods: type in the text manually, or import files (more to come). After importing files, you can choose to directly edit the file.
  • [IPAD] When learning a text on iPad, the page is now full-screen, which makes it much easier to scroll with your thumb in the corner of the iPad.

If you notice any bugs, please let me know, it is normal that with so many changes will come a few new bugs. I can fix them quickly.

If you appreciate the effort on this new version, please take a minute to write a review.

I LOVE receiving a notification from Apple whenever I have a new review to read!

Thank you all, and keep sending me feedback!